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2012-10-12: External contributions to qmlweb
First contributions to qmlweb that didn't come from me (uglifyjs not counted). Wohoo.

2012-09-12: Announced YieldifyJS project on GitHub
Project I've been playing with for a while. Doing yield support for Javascript 1.6.

2012-09-02: browserglobals
A small script to list global variables introduced into browser.

2012-06-15: Talk at Devaamo Summit 2012: QML in web browser
Gave a short talk of QMLWEB project at Devaamo summit. Project also got some updates as it wasn't working in all the browsers. Used project introduction slides qml app on browser this time (eating the dogfood -- tasty).

2011-11-29: Finished QMLWEB project.
After a year of development (of which half active), QMLWEB project met its goal, and is able to run rudimentary QML applications in modern web browser. Interesting parts:

2011-09-30: Talk at WSE 2011 conference: QML for the Web [slides PDF]
Gave a talk of QMLWEB project at 13th IEEE International Symposium on Web Systems Evolution.

2011-06-22: QMLWEB project
A proto project to port QML (Qt Quick) to web browser. Thread at Qt forums.

2011-04-20: Boids
Bird-like object simulator, entry to JS1K#3, <1024 byte Javascript competition. My entry was 955 bytes.
Competition links: entry, source, original source.
Update 2011-06-22: Tough competition, no luck (top10) this time.

2011-01-04: Collada presentation slides [PDF]
Slides of Collada presentation at WebGL seminar at Tampere University of Technology.

2010-01: Mobile networking with Qt [PDF]
My thesis.

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